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General Information


The generously built sauna complex of THERME AMADE invites guests to bathe and pamper themselves in different environments. The whole area is FKK - a naked zone. Use of pools or saunas with swimwear is not allowed. The choice of 7 saunas, range from the steam grotto to a beautiful Hammam and above it all is the salt relaxing room.

A sauna bar, a whirlpool, an indoor/outdoor pool with massage water jets and jacuzzi seats add to the pleasure.
Enjoyment and relaxation for everybody is assured.

Hot Steam Sessions

Our well trained coaches will provide you with specially prepared hot steam sessions.

Scheduling and content of the individual sauna sessions are posted on the billboard:
Children are also allowed to visit our Sauna spa but if they are under 16 they are only allowed in the THERME AMADÉ Sauna when accompanied by an adult.

Cooling down

Cooling down after a hot steam session is important to the body. It regulates the blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and closes pores.

The more adventurous guests may use the "over-the-head water-bucket" for an intensive, invigorating downpour. In Winter, just roll in the powder snow.

The cold plunge pool, indoor showers and the crushed ice are alternative ways to cool the body.


The relax-indoor/outdoor pool, together with the whirlpool, are great for me-time.

The quiet salt-relaxing room with scenic view invites you to take a nap and relax in full tranquillity.

Sauna Fun & Games

Once a month, we hold a sauna party. Each party has a different theme and ideas for the hot steam sessions with lots of good humour.

Our assistants provide extra special steam sessions and shows.

Always on Friday/Saturday on the 2nd weekend of the month. It commences at 6:00 p.m.

Ladies Night

Unwind, relax and have some girly time. Our female guests can expect a variety of wonderful sauna sessions in our Panorama-Alpine-Sauna, which uses fragrances created especially for women.

Ladies Night is specially announced. It is scheduled from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 pm.

Sauna Bar

A well stocked bistro serves snacks and drinks.

Young people under the age of 16 are only allowed in the THERME AMADE SAUNA when accompanied by an adult!


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