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Sauna Sessions Introduction

This introduction gives an insight into what to expect at Therme AMADE's  sauna.

Salt Rub sauna

Salt Sauna 90°C
Duration about 20 minutes

The sauna master uses scented water to create steam which prepares the body for the salt treatment. This is followed by a quick break outside in the fresh air to cool down. There you will be given salt to rub onto your skin. You then return to the sauna for 2 more rounds. This causes a pleasant peeling effect so that your skin feels wonderfully soft and smooth. The blood circulation is stimulated and the skin is purified at the same time.

The salt combined with perspiration gives a unique and invigorating feeling to your skin. Stay for a couple of minutes outside in the fresh air before taking a shower and rinsing off the salt. As salt dehydrates the body, we recommend you take a rest after the session and drink plenty of water or non-alcoholic drinks.

Warning: Please do not apply salt to any sensitive areas in particular private parts or open wounds.

Honey rub sauna

Salt Sauna 90°C
Duration about 20 minutes

The sauna staff will distribute honey for you to rub on the skin after the 2nd steam session. Honey is a natural organic beauty product. This remains on the skin for the next two steam sessions and forms a nutrient film which rehydrates your skin. Honey provides vitamins and minerals as well as having an antibacterial effect and gives skin a youthful glow.

We recommend taking a shower without shower gel afterwards thereby enabling the effect of the honey to continue working.

Important: For hygienic reasons, always place a towel on the bench, in such a way that your buttocks and feet are on it.

A Blast of vitamins

Panorama Alpine Sauna 85°C - 90°C
Duration about 20 - 25 minutes

The hot steam session consists of 4 rounds of steam with fresh fragrances and a little break between the 2nd and 3rd hot steam rounds when refreshing fruit will be served.

A "Kneip-Splash" - being hosed down with cold water - brings the hot steam session to a refreshing end!


Rock Crystal Sauna 95°C
Duration about 25 minutes

For this hot steam session our sauna staff will bring along three wonderful fragrances.

In the 2nd hot steam session ice will be provided, this should be rubbed on the skin. This session starts with a loud, famous battle cry!
After the 3rd steam application, a break in the fresh air brings welcome relief. Two more fragrant rounds finish off this session. The incredible heat followed by the cooling down periods regulates the blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. The skin undergoes a deep-pore cleansing process and looks young and fresh.


Panorama Alpine Sauna 70°C
Duration about 25 minutes

The main focus of the Hildegard-von-Bingen sauna session is the mild temperature, pleasant fragrances gently wafting through the air and meditative relaxation. All this occurs during three rounds of steam.

Absolute tranquility!

Unwind and get away from it all. Leave all the stress and chaos behind. You will receive a cooling eye mask and a pleasant mint oil to help with your breathing. Our relaxation masks, along with our special oil, cool the nasal passages and sinuses and temporarily boost the eyesight. Helps soothe migraines, headaches, tension and every day stress. Afterwards a delicious tea will be served. We recommend you take a relaxing break after this session, remembering to keep your feet and legs nice and warm. You will feel reborn.

aromatherapy sessions

Rock Crystal Sauna 95°C or Stone-Pine Sauna 80°C
Duration about 15 minutes
Experience aromatherapy using three contrasting fragrances or experience the wonderful scent of the stone pine and its unique properties during either of these short hot steam sessions.


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