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Sauna Rules

Saunabild1     1. As you pay to enter: get your sauna admission wristband


     2. In the changing room: undress, no swimwear is allowed in this FKK (naked) area,
       especially in the saunas and in the pools.


Saunabild3   3. Before entering the sauna: take a shower

Saunabild4   4. Loungers: cannot be reserved

Saunabild5   5. Before entering the sauna cabin: take off your footwear

Saunabild6   6. Socialize: feel pampered

Saunabild7   7. In the sauna cabin: keep quiet and respectful


   8. In the sauna cabin:
for hygienic reasons, always place a towel on the bench, in such a way that
        your buttocks and feet are place
d on it.


    9. Hot steam session:
only operated by staff members


    10. After the hot steam session:
          1st shower, then have a dip in cold water and then go outside for some fresh air


    11. And finally ...
          drink a sufficient amount of non-alcoholic liquids; put your feet up and take a rest


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